What is Afterdamp?

Every time a miner entered the mine, they put their life at risk. Not only were there risks from the machines and tools that were used, but their were risks from the mine itself. The mine’s temperamental nature always kept the Miner’s alert while they where embraced in her dark walls.

One such danger is called Afterdamp. Afterdamp is the toxic mixture of gases left in a mine following an explosion caused by firedamp, which itself can initiate a much larger explosion of coal dust. It consists of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and nitrogen. Hydrogen sulfide, another highly toxic gas, may also be present.

Not only were explosions extremely deadly but December 9th of 1910 the Bellevue Mine experienced an explosion. The afterdamp that overtook the mine after the explosion took the lives of 31 people.

  1. Beigur was a 32-year-old cart loader
  2. Peter Gera was a 45-year-old miner
  3. Gera was a 41-year-old miner
  4. John Drewenski was a 41-year-old miner
  5. Darcole was a 31-year-old miner
  6. Bonoto was a 37-year-old miner
  7. Antok was a 27-year-old miner
  8. Mike Kornan was a 37-year-old
  9. Fred Alderson was a mine rescue worker that came from Hosmer. Alberta did not have a rescue team during the time of our explosion so when the explosion happened we had to contact the British Colombia rescue team to come in and try and save our people. The rescue team got here 6 hours after the explosion and during the rescue efforts other rescuers told Alderson he was running low on oxygen but he wanted to save more men which lead to his death due to afterdamp.
  10. Borat was a 30-year-old timber packer
  11. Doska was a 33-year-old timber packer
  12. Martini was a 26-year-old miner
  13. Kondratishen was a 41-year-old timber packer
  14. Letti was a 44-year-old miner
  15. Teppo was the pit boss of the Bellevue Mine. He was 34 years old and when he heard the explosion of the mine he decided that he should be going into the mine and trying to help the miners that were in the mine. He went into the mine and after saving some men he was overtook as well by the afterdamp.
  16. Saari was a 39-year-old track layer
  17. Roberts was a 30-year-old coal cart loader
  18. Kuniser was a 23-year-old bratticeman
  19. Basso was a 19-year-old coal cart loader
  20. Beigur was a 26-year-old coal cart loader
  21. Quintella was a 33-year-old miner
  22. Nick Sumak was a 27-year-old timber packer
  23. Willberg was a 49-year-old miner
  24. Peter Paul was a 25-year-old miner
  25. Quintella was a 30-year-old miner
  26. Gus Robo was a 32-year-old miner
  27. Sam Semeta was a 30-year-old miner
  28. Tripodi was a 47-year-old miner
  29. Tripodi was a 25-year-old miner
  30. Ullvinen was a 30-year-old miner
  31. Ullvinen was a 27-year-old miner