The Bellevue Underground Mine is devoted to keeping the history of mines in the Crowsnest pass. Some may believe that we are funded by government resources. Others believe we are completely self sufficient. In truth it’s a combinations of a few of these outlets. We have grants from corporations and the government that helps. We also have the funds that we make from our tours and our gift shop. Although another way that we are able to continue is by the generous donations of our supporters.

Our tours are a one of a kind. There is no other mine tour in Western Canada that takes you, your family, and your friends as far into the original mine as we do. Although because we are going into the original mine we need a lot of support to continue our tours in just the spot that we have open now. The Bellevue Underground Mine Tours was started on volunteers and community support. We appreciate any and all support that we are given. Not just big corporate sponsorship – but also community members willing to give any amount towards our vision. No matter how small.

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