The Halloween Howler

Ghosts, ghouls, goblins, and many other dark and vial creatures are starting to awaken in the depths of the mine. Who is brave enough to face these creatures of the depths? Who will slay the demons manifesting inside the mine? If you thinks you have the heart, the courage, and the spine to master the trials of the mine. October 31 is the day where everything comes to life, and the mine turns from a harmless tour destination to a haunted house to beat all haunted houses. Conjure up the strength to brave the relentless scares, howls, and spooks that will constantly be scraping on your fragile sanity.


In late October the Bellevue Underground Mine hosts the Halloween Howler. The night where the mine turns from a dark tunnel full of history to a dark tunnel full of terror. This annual event is a great addition to any trick-or-treaters night. If you have ever wondered what it would be like to be in the perfect huanted house, this is your answer.


During this event prices will stay the same as our tours.

Adults: $20
Seniors: $15
Youths (6-17): $12
Under 5: FREE

(Not Including GST)

But if you come in a costume then you will be eligible for a discount:

Adults: $15
Youths & Seniors: $10
Under 5: FREE

(Not including GST)


Along with the the spooks and scares in the mine, we also have some activities to do outside the mine when your waiting or if you are just hanging out. there will be a bonfire, photo booth, sensory table, costume contest, and more that are in the works!

Whether you’re going trick or treating or just staying home this event is perfect to add to your Halloween experience! If anyone is interested in doing the scaring rather than being scared we would love to have more volunteers to help with this event. Just send us a message on face book, email, phone, or stop by.

Phone: 1-403-564-4700
Facebook: Bellevue Underground Mine Tours