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Frequently asked questions

Do we have to pre-book our tour or can we just walk-up?

We ask that all visitors pre-book online in advance. By pre-booking online you are reserving your spot on the tour. We have capacity limits for all of our tours and therefore we cannot guarantee space for anyone walking up to the site.

Who is the mine tour suitable for?

The Bellevue Underground Mine tour is family and stroller friendly. Please call ahead with any accessibility concerns and we will do our best to accommodate you.

How difficult is the tour?

Although it is a walking tour, the mine path is extremely easy to walk on and the tunnels are wide.   The tunnel height is lowest at the beginning of the tour at a height of approximately 7 feet, the majority of the tour you can expect the tunnel to be closer to 16 feet.  The tour area is a gravel base that has been packed but it is uneven.

How cold is it underground?

Even in the hottest summer weather, the mine is always cold. Temperatures can range from 0°C to 2°C year round. It is important that you dress warm and have appropriate clothing and shoes as we spend the majority of the tour underground.

How long does the mine tour last?

The mine tour lasts roughly an hour. Pre-booked groups are scheduled during a 1.5-hour time slot to accommodate time for arrival, washroom use, gear up with the helmets and lamps, orientation, un-gearing at the end of the tour.

How far do you go into the mine?

The tour will take you 1,000 feet (300 meters) horizontally into the mine, but at the end of the tour (by the fenced off region) you are technically only 150 feet below the surface. The Bellevue Mine has an overall horizontal distance of 5.6 kilometers with a total of 240 kilometers of combined tunnel distance. Unfortunately, the area beyond the 1,000 feet of the tour is unsafe and unmaintained. There has been a significant amount of slumping, collapsing, and rotting making it impossible to access all 240 kilometers of the mine.

Can I take photos in the mine?

Yes! Photographs are allowed and work best with flash.  However, videos are not allowed without prior consent due to privacy laws.

Are pets allowed on the tour?

Dogs and other pets are NOT allowed on the mine tour (with the exception of mandatory service dogs).

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